We're Back...
After a brief hiatus, Central Coast Fly Fishing is excited to be back in business in almost the same location (the other end of the building from the old shop). We will be offering quality merchandise, classes and sound advice on all things fly fishing (and sometimes fishing in general).

Located in the Valley Hills Shopping Center, about 3 miles east of Highway 1, in Carmel Valley, the shop's surroundings are visually pleasant and you're won't be stressed fighting for a parking space. You can practice your casting on two lawns. There are two restaurants in this center, Baja Cantina and the Wagonwheel Restaurant plus Valley Hills Deli. Carmel Valley hosts two golf courses and many wineries and tasting rooms. Carmel Beach is a short drive to the west, as is Carmel-by-the-Sea, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium is located on Cannery Row in neighboring Monterey. There's Garland Park, with its miles of hiking trails, just 5 miles east of the shop. And, if you have to fish, you can take a ride to Los Padres Reservoir and float tube for trout (the last Saturday in April through November 15th) or surf fish one of the many local beaches. Of course, Big Sur is just 40 minutes south on Highway 1.

We look forward to seeing old friends and new - come on by.
The Brands We Love
We're Proud To Partner With These Quality Companies
All fly rods are created equal, right? Wrong! Sure, they look the same but the differences go beyond initial appearances. The same goes for reels, waders, fly lines and flies. I've learned to be selective in the brands I carry because I can't represent them all and I need satisfied customers. I look at where the product is made (US-made being preferred), the health of the manufacturer (do they have longevity), the product warranty and the turnaround time on warranty returns. It is with those factors in mind that I choose to carry the following brands:

About Us

About Us...
How we got here and some of our favorite moments...
If you see the word, "we", it's really just "me"... Geoff Malloway, Owner of Central Coast Fly Fishing. I originally opened the shop in April of 1996. For 19 years, I provided a selection of top-shelf products and top-notch instruction to anyone who walked through the door. Life happens, though, and I needed to take a break so I closed the shop in September of 2015. But, like a bad penny, I came rolling back and I'm ready to do business again.

I started fly fishing in 1973, thanks to my father. I taught myself to tie flies at 15, selling them to local anglers. Then I got into building fly rods...a sickness all its own. I earned a B. S. Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management because I was enthralled with the natural world around me. I discovered that I had a knack for teaching so I started fly fishing classes and casting lessons in 1990. One thing lead to another and one morning, in April of 1996, I woke up to discover that I owned a fly fishing specialties shop. My dad once told me to NEVER go into retail, ESPECIALLY sporting goods. So much for his good advice.

I hope to get the opportunity to earn your business. Small retail businesses have a tough time these days with the popularity of internet commerce. Heck, all shops pretty much carry the same thing so it's the people working in the shops that make the difference between one shop and another. If you're looking for the opportunity to not only touch and feel the tackle but maybe learn something about the sport, give Central Coast Fly Fishing a chance to help make the fly fishing experience a memorable pleasure for you.
Local Fishing
Where to fish in our area...
The Central California coast region is not a fishing destination, yet there is a variety of opportunities with 90 minutes of the shop.

Surf fishing off the many local beaches is available year-round with surf perch and striped bass being the primary species sought after. With out doubt, surf fishing is growing in polarity but you need to have command of the casting fundamentals. Surf fishing is not recommended for children and novice casters due to windy conditions and treacherous undertow.

Stream fishing from trout and steelhead is a little more problematic. Local steelhead are are listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, so fishing for them is highly regulated with low flow closures and gear restrictions. The San Lorenzo River (Santa Cruz County), Carmel River and Big Sur River are the primary steelhead fisheries that are open to fishing from December 1st through March 7th but only of Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. It is strongly recommended that anglers consult the California Department of Fish and Wildlife fishing regulations prior to going fishing.

Warm water gamefish require a little more travel time from the shop. Large mouth bass, carp and striped bass are found in San Luis Reservoir and the O'Neill Forebay, about a 90-minute drive from the shop. Spring and Fall are the best times to fish these waters. Though you can fish from shore, a boat, float tube pontoon boat can significantly enhance your chances for success. Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reservation, Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiento are popular fishing destinations to our south, with bass, white bass (in the case of Lake Nacimiento) and sunfish being the main draw.

You are always welcome to contact the shop for any fishing information we might have.
Teach a man (or woman) to fish...
Not everyone can teach effectively but I do have a talent for it. I taught in public schools for 5 years and Hunter Education for over 35 years. I've learned how to explain a concept in different ways because not everybody learns the same way. Let's be honest... fly fishing isn't easy to learn. It's my job to teach you in a way that doesn't turn you off. I want you to want to learn more and to stick with it because, mark my words, there will be those times on the water when you'll want to break your fly rod over your knee and use my name n vain. I won't tell you how good I am at fishing and I won't bore you with stories because learning isn't about me...it's about you. And, by the way, I struggle for every fish I catch.

Here's what's taught at the shop:
1-day Intro to Fly Fishing
Learn how to survive your first fly fishing trip by learning the essential skills of fly fishing: tackle selection, knots, basic casts and line manipulations, reading the water, entomology and fly selection. Geoff Malloway’s sensible approach to this course will help you build a solid foundation of fly fishing fundamentals and stimulate your interest in taking the sport to any level you desire.

9:00AM to 4:00PM
$70/person (all equipment included)
Saturday Morning Casting Clinics
Whether you’re a first-timer or an accomplished fly fisher, these 90-minute clinics will get you squared away on the basic casting stroke and various delivery casts or even fine-tune your ability to shoot line and double-haul.

8:30AM to 10:00AM
$30/person (all equipment included)
2 to 10 students Clinics MUST HAVE AT LEAST 2 STUDENTS.
Beginning Fly Tying
Using a straightforward teaching style, Geoff Malloway will help you learn the basic fly tying techniques needed to tie five popular trout patterns: San Juan worm, woolly bugger, hare’s ear nymph, elk hair caddis and the adams. Geoff will talk about different tools and materials as they are used.

Two evenings, 6:00PM to 9:00PM both evenings.
$80.00/person (includes all materials)
Limited to 4 students.
Fly Fishing the Surf
Monterey County beaches offer some of the finest surf fly fishing around. Get clued in on the tackle, casting, surf dynamics safety and target species. Students should be able to cast 30 feet, shoot line, have their own personal flotation devices and be able to swim.

Friday night 5:00PM –8:00PM, Saturday from 8:30AM-10:00AM and Sunday morning (optional field trip) from 6:00AM to 9:30AM.
Limited to 4 students.
Private Casting Lessons
For those who need intensive instruction but can’t handle public humiliation.

Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 am – 10:00 am or after 6:00 pm a daylight allows. $65.00/person/hour. By appointment only.
Group Lessons
I am happy to customize almost any program for your private group, whether it’s family members, friends or business associates. All I need is a minimum of four participants.
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